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June 2, 2006

Things to Come

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My recent post in the philosophy of mind is actually only part two of three in a larger project. In part three, which will probably be completed next, I will show how the theory presented in part two can be used to solve problems in the philosophy of mind, especially the 12 questions asked by Searle in his book Mind: A Brief Introduction. Finally, in part one I will defend the view that analyzing the world in terms of various descriptions of it is a valid way of doing philosophy, and I will show how arguments based on ontology can be transformed into arguments based on descriptions without invalidating their conclusions. It might be also be necessary as part of this project to tell a story about what causation is, and to define what free will is, but that remains to be seen.

Of course you may be more interested in the topics that you might expect to see addressed in this blog in the coming weeks. At the moment the following list contains that topics I plan on writing about, note that it is in no way final, nor is it in any sort of order.

Why Some People Hate Philosophy
Causation, Multiple Causes, and Agency
An Introduction to the Philosophy of Science
An Introduction to the Philosophy of Mind
Conventionalism and the Continuity of Identity Over Time
Transforming Other Theories in the Philosophy of Mind into Description Claims
What Makes a Rational Agent?
The Philosophy of File Sharing
Spectrum Inversion and Materialism
Consciousness and Intelligence
Transforming Objective Ontology into Subjective Descriptions
Book Review: Breaking the Spell

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