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November 6, 2007

On Philosophy: The Book

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After months of tedious work I have produced a collection of my first years worth of writing, slightly edited, plus commentary on each piece, available here. The book is published via print on demand, which means that I’m not making money of it (in fact it is a “real” book only in the sense that it is a number of printed pages between two covers), so please only buy a copy if you think it is worth it, and not because of a vague sense that you are supporting this site.

Book stats:
721 pages (not counting index and introduction)
approximately 60 of which are new and unpublished commentary
6 x 9 x 1.67 inches
B&W interior, with all images included, although obviously not in their original color
$22, $26 with cheapest shipping, which takes about 2 weeks to arrive in the US

the book, plus a pen (not included)

an interior page, in this case one full of equations

on my shelf making Dr. Smith’s book feel bad for being skinny

being read


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