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This blog exists in order for me to develop my thoughts on various philosophical problems that interest me. It is public because making it public motivates me to not slack off (which only works some of the time). And it is nice to be able to point people at a post that reflects something we had been discussing previously. Now this is not to say that I don’t care about you dear reader. I do, and I will do my best to be clear and to answer any questions you have, but there are limits to how much I care. Specifically I am not trying to change your mind or convince you of anything; it doesn’t matter to me what you think.

Treat this blog like a banquet prepared by a chef who is practicing their art. Feel free to give constructive criticism, because the chef is always eager to improve. However, if you deeply dislike the food, or prefer some other style of preparation there is no need to stay and eat or throw a fit. Certainly there is no need to try to convince the chef that he is fundamentally misguided, because the chef, while not a master, is not a novice either, and generally knows what he is doing.

Thus to get the most out of this blog you should remember to apply the principle of charity, for your own benefit. For example, if you disagree about a terminological issue there is no need to bring it up, simply accept that in this context the term is being used to talk about something else.

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And with that out of the way enjoy the banquet.

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  1. Hello,

    I am currently involved in a project with a few people developing a Philosophy Wiki; where users can add and edit philosophical essays.

    The current link is: http://sophiasdialectic.com

    I was wondering, would you be interested in a link exchange, where I add your link to the wiki, and you add sophiasdialectic.com to your site?

    Let me know if your interested. If you want, I don’t mind if the link isn’t visible on your site, all I’m really concerned about is google crawling it.

    Comment by Ben — January 24, 2007 @ 3:55 am

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