On Philosophy


Occasionally I do drawings when an odd or humorous idea enters my head, and by drawings I mean stick figures.

Since computer difficulties continue to prevent me from working on the comic, and because readership is low, I am planning to discontinue work on it until some later date. Thanks for visiting.

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I have decided to change the comic to a Monday-Wednesday-Friday update schedule, in order to weed out more of the bad ones. If I find that I am especially funny I’ll double post as needed. Typically I post a new comic at 11:00 pm on the previous day, Pacific time (-7 GMT).

Most Recent (6/16/06)


Hilary Putnam2 (6/14/06)
Hilary Putnam (6/12/06)
Perfectly Ethical World 2 (6/9/06)
Perfectly Ethical World (6/7/06)
Just Vs Ethical (6/5/06)
Parmenides (6/2/06)
Heraclitus (5/31/06)
Thomas Nagel 2 (5/29/06)
Thomas Nagel (5/28/06)
Karl Popper (5/26/06)
Ayn Rand (5/25/06)
Carnap (5/24/06)
Spinoza (5/23/06)
Hume (5/22/06)
Kant 2 (5/21/06)
Relativism (5/21/06)
Plato 2 (5/20/06)
Rocks (5/19/06)
Plato (5/18/06)
Wittgenstein (5/17/06)
Dennett (5/16/06)
Kant (5/15/06)
John Stuart Mill (5/14/06)
Berkeley (5/13/06)
Hobbes (5/12/06)


  1. I envision the perfect refutation of all A Priori proofs of God, therefore it must exist!

    Comment by Smyke — December 6, 2006 @ 9:42 am | Reply

  2. Clever play on the ontological proof of God’s existence. While I am no expert on Descartes, wouldn’t it be more appropriate if this comic were directed to Anselm?

    Comment by Aaron Wilson — December 22, 2006 @ 10:24 am | Reply

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